As the world holds its collective breath ahead of the impending Presidency of Donald Trump, I have my own opinion of why Americans did this.
Why would the citizens of the most successful country on earth, a real Super-Duper Power do such a thing?

American voters elected Trump for what he is not: Donald Trump is not a politician.


What is it about politicians that led to this?

Could it be the arrogance with which politicians treat the citizens of the countries whose interests they are meant to serve?

Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables”, a tactic hardly likely to win over undecided voters. She lied about her conduct when she was Secretary of State.

South Africans have grown accustomed to hearing our politicians calling their citizens “the masses” as if we are a mob without individual hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We too are tired of problems being called “challenges”.

In the age of modern communication and the world wide web, politicians still insist on lying to us even when, at the click of a button, we can discover the truth. From “weapons of mass destruction” to “Nene will be redeployed to run the BRICS Bank”, our intelligence still gets insulted daily with bald-faced lies.

The American public, when it could finally act, voted against the arrogance of politicians by voting for a non-politician. This after British voters voted against arrogant politicians by voting for Brexit.

So many analysts and insiders have rushed to call this a “step to the right”. They blame disgruntled, out of touch middle-class voters in those countries, but they miss the point. What we have seen is an inevitable backlash of people who are lied to day after day by the people who live large off the taxes paid by this significant group.

Actions that are taken out of frustration and anger seldom work out well. Doors get slammed and break, golf clubs get tossed and bend and punches get thrown and teeth go missing. These gut responses seldom lead to solutions but at the time they just seem to be the right thing to do.

Voters have acted in frustration and anger and we could regret the repercussions. People have said, “Trump cannot be worse than having another politician lying to us” and they have lashed out.

Maybe they’re wrong but what happens if they’re right?


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